What is Healthy Balanced Diet ??


What healthy balance diet requires to maintain our body fit? This question usually comes to ever one mind. But some how this is so generic point that we don’t think much.

Thought this is too general point but its too much material if write. Here I will brief on balance diet.

A health diet specially need
– protein
– vitamins
– minerals.

But most important point is what all food I should have every day by which I can get above all things. Therefore we need to create a balance diet to get all required nutrition for a day.

Understanding the meaning of balanced diet?

To sustain a healthy body, each individual necessitate to  follow a well balanced diet.

A healthy diet is called balanced if it has:-
– all the essential nutrients
– required calories

The diet in the right amounts that a body consumes must provide sufficient
– calories
– proteins
–  vitamins
–  minerals.

Following different type of food groups can make a well healthy diet plan:-

– vegetables
–  pulses
– millets
– cereals
–  fruits
–  milk
–  milk products
–  meat
–  meat products
–  sugar
–  fat should be taken with precise quantity of fiber

Note: all food has to be taken in right amount in day. If you take anything more than it wont be a healthy diet. For example if you have too much food a day which has lots sugar then you might get diabetics.

Indian balanced diet menu

Diet must be planned at your own calories necessity, and also the portion size.
If your body requires more nutrients for the calories then choose food with a high-nutrient density. OR
If your body requires fewer nutrients for the calories then choose food with a less-nutrient density.

High-nutrient density requires more vitamins and fewer calories.
Low-nutrient density requires fewer vitamins and more calories.

Food type which need high quantity
Type of Food per day quantity Food products
Cereal 300gm  Millets,Wheat,Rice
Vegetables 300gm Green Leaf Vegetables,Pumpkin,Peas,Beans,Carrot etc.
Milk and Milk products 300gm Curd,Cheese etc
Fruits 100gm Apple,Guava,Papaya,Orange,Mango etc
Food type which need less quantity
Type of Food per day quantity Food products
Fats 20gm Butter,Oil,Ghee
Pulses 60gm (Vegetarian)
30gm (Non-Vegetarian)
Meat 30gm Egg,Fish,Chicken


Benefits of healthy Balanced Diet

– It helps in controlling body weight, blood pressure and increases exercise capacity by increasing the muscle efficiency.

– The balanced diet lowers the unsafe LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and increases the helpful HDL cholesterol. The low bad cholesterol and high good cholesterol levels prevent the heart diseases.

– In diabetes mellitus, with the help of balanced diet the blood sugars levels can be kept under control. If followed strictly, the type two diabetes can be managed easily without medications.

– A low sodium diet has a useful effect to minimize blood pressure in people. Over all low sodium diet is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and protein also.

– In most of the obesity patients, weight control diets in combination with physical exercise help to lose excess weight. The weight loss diets are catheterized into low fat diet, low carb diet, low calorie diet and very low calorie diet.


– Avoid  food which has too much oil and sugar.
– Avoid too much salt
– Have more fiber,fruits,vegetables,pulses and cereals in your daily diet.

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